with a $2.5m investment!

Here's What We Do Better

as A BANK OWNER, you can:

  1. Make millions of dollars in income monthly. Some commercial banks make billions of dollars in profit monthly.
  2. Make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times your money within 90 days.
  3. Help other investors make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times their money within 90 days.
  4. Gain access to $10M to $100B credit that you don’t have to pay back… No credit limit. No interest expenses. No credit check. No onerous credit approvals. No loan or processing fees. No debts. No loan repayment. 
  5. Command instant credibility, respect, and power everywhere you introduce yourself as the owner or president of your bank

what makes this opportunity unique?

  1. YOU ARE GUARANTEED A 10,000% ROI: You are 100% guaranteed to get a 10,000% return on your investment through the 100X investment bank platform. 
  2. YOUR INVESTMENT IS 100% PROTECTED BY THE IPP. If your investment underperforms, gives no ROI, sustains any losses, declines in value, or fails for any reason, IPP guarantees that you will get financial compensation of 100% of your initial investment plus the promised 10,000% ROI.
  3. YOU HAVE 100% CONTROL OF THE INVESTMENT BANK PLATFORM: You will own and control the 100X investment bank platform on which your investments are made. Therefore, you can control, protect, and guarantee your investments, and make a 100X return on investment in all your investments.
  4. No previous banking or investment experience is required. Once you make your payment, WTE will set up your 100X investment bank and handle everything else on your behalf.